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Wonder Tea Yu Qing Small Leaf Kuding Tea 200g 鳴祥秘制宝茶余庆小叶苦丁茶

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The history of Ku Ding tea can be tracked back to 2000 years ago for its medicinal and health-promoting properties. It was also a Ming Dynasty tribute to the Imperial court.

Yuqing Small Leaf Ku Ding Tea has the reputation of "health tea," a "longevity tea," and a "slimming tea"

It is also an international tea golden award winner and a National product of People’s  Republic of China.

Yu Qing small leaf Ku Ding Tea is a precious secret blend. It is known for below therapeutic wonders:

- Control blood Pressure

- Control obesity 

- Control blood Sugar

- Control lipids etc bad cholesterol

- Address diabetic complications

- Promote healthier skin

- Control ache

- Enhance immunity

- Detoxifying and liver cleansing

- Promote blood circulation

- Improves digestion

- Diminish inflammation and ease pain

- Cure coldness, rhinitis, soar throat and headache

- Disperse wind-heat

- Resolve phlegm and damp conditions

- Prevent deterioration of the heart and brain function

- Prevent blood clots

- Help to remove chronic headache and fatigue.

Natural fermentation and drying process helps to reduce heat in the liver, lung, stomach and intestine. Known to expel body heat without chills. Remove dampness in the body.

Yuqing Small Leaf Ku Ding Tea's zinc content is twice as much compared to green tea. Zinc can enhance the body's immune function in human body.

It has no side effect and can be consumed by infants, pregnant women, women on period and the bodily weak.

The taste is slightly bitter but has a very pleasant sweet aftertaste and while be enjoyed by everyone to promote good health.

Differences between our Small Leaf Ku Ding Tea vs common Broadleaf Ku Ding Tea

  1. Does not contain caffeine and Theophylline
  2. Went through 2 years of Fermentation
  3. Less bitter taste and comes with sweeter and cleaner aftertaste
  4. Crushed leaves release flavor and goodness faster and more evenly
  5. Invidually packed into small sachets (about 90 bags for 200g pack) thus hygienic and convenient.
  6. Can be even used for external application such as washing hair and face.

Brewing Guide:
Steep a bag of our Small Leaf Fermented Ku Ding Tea in a glass of hot water at 80℃ to 90℃ for 1 to 2 minutes for the first and second brewing. Gradually increase steeping time and temperature for subsequent brewing. You may put 3-4 bags of Small Leaf fermented Ku Ding Tea in larger quantity of hot water to increase it medicinal properties. 

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