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VALMONA Ayurvedic Scalp Solution Black Cumin Shampoo 专业头皮护理 - 黑孜然洗发水 480ml

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VALMONA 黑孜然专业头皮护理加强头皮健康,有效改善脱发

功效: 洁净, 头发生长, 滋润, 修复

使用方法: 先使用清水冲洗头发,并挤出适量的洗发精于掌心,于掌心搓揉至起泡后,开始按摩清洗头皮,再以清水冲洗干净即可。

Valmona Black Cumin Intensive Scalp Care Solution
naturally eliminating pores waste and improving the scalp balance.
-Strengthen hair root while reducing hair loss
-Effective cleansing and maintain scalp balance
-Rich nutrition supply for your scalp
-Intensively nourishing smooth hair

Benefits: Cleansing, Hair Growth, Moisturizing, Repairing

Direction: Apply a proper amount to hair. Gently massage the scalp with fingertips. Then rinse thoroughly.

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