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Translife Kitchen Vegan Belacan Chili Oil Mild/ Spicy/ Petai 200g 纯素马来盏辣椒油

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3种口味选择:微辣(原味)/ 特辣 / 臭豆
3 Flavour to choose:Mild(Original)/ Spicy / Petai



Translife Kitchen 的素食料理中最拿手的就是酱料,尤其是马来盏辣椒油,顾客们吃了都赞不绝口,纷纷要求店家大量制作。 经过团队精心研究和调制,终于成功制成罐装售卖! 吃过的人都堪称素食史上最好吃的辣椒油酱料,回头率超高的酱料!
【精心制作】 -为了确保每一道辣椒油酱料的口味可以达到超好吃的标准, 团队从筛选食材,下锅烹饪,甚至瓶罐包装,所有味道的细节都把控到位。
【品质优先】 - 店家保证每罐酱料都是新鲜制作 - 因无添加防腐剂,酱料保质期为三个月。开封后请在一个月内吃完。无须冷藏。
【完美搭配】 - 炒虾或其他海鲜,炒蛋,炒饭,炒面,炒菜,饺子蘸料,拌饭,拌面,点心蘸料

Versatile all-purpose Chili Oil with aromatic Belacan taste (100% Vegan with No Garlic, Onion or Allium Family, No Preservatives)

*New Belacan Chili Oil by Translife Kitchen* Upon huge request from our customers, our Head Chef has finally come out with the supreme Belacan Chili Paste (100% Vegan)
Just by adding a small spoon will add zests to all your rice & noodle dishes, and even Gyoza or Dim Sum.

【Yummiest】 In order to ensure that the taste of each paste can meet the super delicious standard, the whole process is controlled in detail by our team.
【Quality】 - Each paste is freshly made. With no preservatives added, the shelf life of the paste is three (3) months. - Please consume within one (1) month after opening. - Store at a cool and dry place. No need to keep it refrigerated.
【Dishes to serve with】 - Fried prawn or any other seafood, Fried rice or fried noodles, Fried vegetables, Kang Kong Belacan, Gyoza or dumpling, Rice or noodles, Dim Sum

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