The Yanwo Bird Nest Super 8 - Alive Superfood with 8 Super Ingredients 7 Bottles/Box

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The Yanwo
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THE YANWO ALIVE is made with the elixir of South East Asia, bird’s nest. Alongside 7 other superfood ingredients, THE YANWO ALIVE is a nutritious and delicious beverage with all the goodness you need.

Carefully sourced from various parts of the world, each superfood ingredient gives multiple benefits to keep you healthy and energised. Healthy is the new sexy, so elevate yourself!

1. Bird’s nest improves immunity and promotes youthful appearance
2. Linden honey soothes sore throats and aids digestion.
3. Tigermilk mushroom strengthens lungs and boosts respiratory health
4. Habbatus Sauda helps manage sugar levels and body weight
5. Korean jujube promotes better sleep and healthy skin while also being rich in Vitamin C
6. Korean red ginseng help the heath and aids cognition
7. Pomegranate supplies antioxidants and Vitamin K while also promoting the prevention of Atherosclerosis and Arthritis
8. Peach gum supplies collagen, relieves stress and solves urinary tract infections

Tastes like heaven

It’s sweet, alright. But not too sweet! We’ve balanced our mix of ingredients to accentuate the mouth-watering tastes of Linden Honey, Korean Jujube and Pomegranate.
Ready to enjoy the health benefits of Bird’s Nest and authentic Korean Ginseng without the downside of unpleasant or medicinal tastes?
That’s not all. With every gulp, you’ll experience the wonderful texture of Peach Gum, and curative powers of Habbatus Sauda and Tigermilk Mushroom.


Who can eat it?

THE YANWO can be enjoyed by anyone across a wide age group! Our mix of 8 super ingredients will benefit the young, elderly and everyone in between. You’re never too old, nor too young!

*Please consult a medical professional if you have any food allergies*

THE YANWO ALIVE is made so that it’s ready-to-consume the minute you receive it and can be enjoyed by anyone across a wide age group.

Shake well before drinking! You won’t want to leave any of that goodness behind in the bottle. Every ounce of THE YANWO Alive is made specially for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

To consume it cold, submerge the water in an ice bath for about 5 minutes. If you prefer it warm, submerge the bottle in hot water for 5 minutes instead.

Do not boil THE YANWO ALIVE. Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 12 hours.
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