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The Most Wanted Series: Write a Will by Chris Tan

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This book is written in a light and simple manner coupled with diagrams and pictures in guiding you with the legal requirements to draft a Will in Malaysia. It also comes with a series of Frequently Asked Questions that you always wanted to know but too “shy” to ask. By making plans now through a Will, you get it out of the way at an early stage; where you can channel less emotion.

Have you ever wondered why technical books are as thick as a brick but also sly as a fox? And why do professionals write and converse in industrial jargons? This is why most readers avoid picking up a technical book from the bookshelf? Is the experience as excruciating as most reviewers describe it to be? So is there a simpler way to understand the THICK and BROAD subject?

The Most Wanted Series aim to address subject matters that you always wanted to know but too difficult to understand. Cutting out all the jargons, this book will walks you through the fun steps and communication tools using big pictures, diagrams, flow charts, mind maps, quick tips and sample templates. This is a book equipped with practical information that allows you to smile in acceptance of its unconventional perspectives thus making it the only book you ever wanted for the subject matter.

Ultimately, “TheMostWantedSeries.com” shall inspire you to develop a right breakthrough in understanding the subject matter and how they really work practically.

This is a hands-on, friendly book for the reader who needs to understand how to write a will.


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