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The Most Wanted Series: Goods & Services Tax (GST) by Chris Tan

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For fear exists in the unknown and for complication grows on gaps, this is YOUR wholly book crafted by the Professionals but not for the Professionals. It is designed for YOU as a consumer or even a business owner not to loose sleep over the looming GST as a way of life moving forward in Malaysia. The content is carefully selected to cover not too little yet good enough for YOU to be the star on any casual conversation on GST. “G”rab your copy now, “S”hare with friends and “T”ake action! Face your fear and you shall have no fear…

Capitalist Reality: TAX

“The hardest thing in the world is the income tax.”

These are the words of the genius in Albert Einstein and according to him, it takes a philosopher rather than a mathematician to file a tax return. Perhaps, the answer to him in the modern world is a direct tax system that taxes on consumption rather than on income.

You will be taxed whenever you consumed as compare to the early tax system that tax on whatever you produced. Of course, we called it the Goods and Services Tax (GST) or the more politically correct version of the Value Added Tax (VAT).

Albert could not be so crazy that he uttered these words for its literal meaning only. Second guessing the Crazy One, it could just be the unwillingness of one to confront the need to pay tax in the first place. Failure to see the benefits of taxpaying as the impact on one’s income is direct while the common benefits are too far-fetched. This is particularly glaring in Malaysia, when only a small elite minority are paying the income tax that purportedly supports the nation. The introduction of GST will change that immediately. With no one left behind, the expectation of effective use of tax money has never been higher. The entire nation is watching this closely.
Why Pay Tax?

Price to keep our civilisation.
Security, Healthcare, Education, Safety, Amenities, Civil Service, Law and Enforcement 24/7/365
Past generation paid tax for what we have today, we pay it forward too!
Deal with immediate issues that shall be otherwise more expansive if delay.
Do things collectively that otherwise we cannot do it on our own.
Balance the inherit disparities in power, wealth and benefits in any capitalist society.

Here’s the deal: There are two certainties in the world today, Death and … TAX!

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