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Taste First Shrimp & Scallop Chili XO Sauce 忘不了虾米干贝XO酱 200gm

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Seasoning, Sauce & Condiment
Taste First
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Net Weight: 200g


XO Sauce, Shrimp & Scallop Chili


*Easy to keep 

*Made with premium seafood 


Made with all natural ingredients through numerous research and development, Taste First ensures the product is always up to the standard of excellence. Taste First's XO Sauce is THE Topping, with our blend of "spice, shrimp and scallop" in the recipe, it is simply delicious and addictive. Indulge in the flavours of the ocean, at your convenience. 



SoyBean Oil, Dry Scallop, Shallots, Dry Chilli, Dry Shrimp, Garlic, Sugar, All Purpose Seasoning, Assam Jawa

*Can be used as topping or cooking ingredients.

*Contain soy, fish, crustacean products


Storage: 12 Months from manufacturing date

Note: Store in Cool & Dry Place, Once opened consume within 1 month. Can be kept in chillier to prolong up to 3 month

1 Bottle = 12cm x 10cm x 13cm




重量:200 克


忘不了XO酱 - 虾米和干贝





通过大量研究和开发,采用全天然成分制成,Taste First 确保产品始终达到卓越标准。Taste First 的 XO 酱是顶级配料,配方中混合了“香料、虾和扇贝”,简直美味又令人上瘾。在您方便时尽情享受海洋的味道。


成分: 豆油、干贝、红洋葱、干辣椒、干虾、大蒜、糖、Aji Plus、罗望子酱




储存:自生产日期起 12 个月

注意:存放于阴凉干燥处,开封后1个月内用完。可冷藏保存长达 3 个月

1 瓶 = 12cm x 10cm x 13cm


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