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Switz Healthy Sugar / Sweetener Granules - 5x. Low GI & Calorie. Made from Sugar Cane. Halal (200g/pack)

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Seasoning, Sauce & Condiment
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SWITZ Sugar Granules - /pack (Equivalent to of table sugar)

Singapore Temasek Polytechnic tested & proven: Glycemic Response compared to table sugar

We've spent over a decade to develop the sugar solution that create great sweet taste without worries on health issues.

It is made of sugar cane just like regular sugar.

But through our proprietary technology & processes, SWITZ 5x is now

- Low Glycemic Index(GI)

- Low Calorie

- Low Carbs

- 0 Cholesterol

- NO Artificial Flavoring & Coloring

- Non-GMO

- Free from Radio Contamination

- Free from any Pesticides, Herbicides, & Fungicides Yet it taste exactly the same like regular sugar or even better!


- 1g = 5g of regular sugar

- 200g per pack equivalent to 1KG of table sugar

- Suitable for baking(bread, cake etc), cooking, brewing just like anywhere sugar is used.

- Suitable for diabetics, dieters, pregnancy, children and all

- Certified by FDA, HACCP, ISO9001, KOSHER, HALAL, KKM & more Healthy sugar. Healthy sweetener. Sugar replacement. Sugar solution. Sugar substitute

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