Sunny Tales Baby Mat Borders & Corners (16 Pieces)

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Sunny Tales
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How can baby mats be antibacterial? How does Sunny Tales work?
All you have to do is to simply clean or rinse the mats with clean water before actually using them. Water allows the infused Silver Ions (Ag+) within the mats to be released out to the surface of mats, and those released powerful particles will kill any germs and bacteria that come in contact with the mats. 

The more it's being washed, the stronger the antibacterial effectiveness. The efficacy can last for maximum 10 years. 


Product Description
- Able to withstand heavy weight, great force and high pressure.
- Light weighted and ultra soft to give cushion and protection to prevent injuries.
- Impact shock absorbing and cushioning that give ultimate comfort.
- Waterproof and 100% recyclable.
- Top quality, safe, soft and durable.
- Easy to clean by giving it a wipe with wet clothe.
- Odourless. 
- Material: top grade EVA

Key Features of Sunny Tales Baby Mats 
- Washable and easy to clean 
- Odourless & non-toxic
- Anti-slip
- High resilience & durability
- Store easily

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