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Purple Secrets D'Secrets 排毒之王 Detox Slimming Drinks

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Slimming Drinks
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Detox first, then tonic 

Are you worried that eating my purple D’secrets will harm your body⁉️

Purple drink fiber detox ~

Combining natural ingredients: Lemon powder, Blackcurrant powder, Pineapple powder, Spirulina powder, Aloe powder, Milk thistle extract

Absolutely safe to drink

Suitable: Begin to have constipation, chronic diseases always follow you, skin problems, constipation of the elderly ❤️

Because: it is caused by excessive accumulation of toxins in the human body, at this time you need to detox!

There are no nutrients to eat without detoxification, because it is not absorbed, nor can it be absorbed.

Main functions:
1. Clean the colon to prevent autopoisoning
2. Maintain gastrointestinal health and increase absorption of nutrients
3. Maintain proper pH balance in the colon
4. Effectively break down fats, proteins and carbohydrates to avoid indigestion
5. Help strengthen the immune system to fight diseases
6. Relieve constipation or diarrhea caused by bad habits
7. Help lower cholesterol
8. Relieve allergy syndrome
9. Relieve chronic fatigue, skin problems and pain
10. Promote slimming and weight control

One pack a day, colon cleansing 


您是否担心吃了我家purple D’secrets 会危害您的身子⁉️

紫饮纤排毒~ 结合天然成分: 柠檬粉末,黑加仑子粉末, 凤梨粉末,螺旋藻粉末,芦荟粉末,奶薊萃取物




1. 清洗结肠以防止自体中毒
2. 保持进肠胃健康, 增加营养要素养份的吸收
3. 维持结肠内适当的酸碱值平衡
4. 有效分解脂肪,蛋白质与碳水化合物,进而避免消化不良
5. 协助强化免疫系统以对抗疾病
6. 缓解不良生活习惯所造成的便秘或腹泻
7. 协助降低胆固醇
8. 缓解敏性症候群
9. 缓解慢性疲乏、皮肤问题与疼痛


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