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[Pre-Order] JMM Cookies Snowskin Musang Durian Mooncake 娇妈妈 冰皮榴莲月饼礼盒

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Dry Food
JMM Cookies
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Snowskin Musang King Durian Mooncake  60gram x 6pcs


- No preservatives    无防腐剂

- Made from 100% durian filling   100%榴莲馅料制成,无动物脂肪

- Suitable for vegetarians  适合素食者

- Halal certification 清真认证

- ISO certified manufacturing  ISO认证制造

What's in box?

● 冰皮 猫山王(60 gram)x 6 pcs

● 配套专属铁盒 (6粒装)x 1

● 配套专属保冷袋 x 1

● 中秋灯谜卡 x 1

● 月饼刀(半透明)x 1

● 精美保温瓶 | 精美餐具【随机赠送1个,送完为止】

#坤玉王 为猫山王榴莲的初始名字来历

Q弹的冰皮包裹着纯正的 #猫山王果肉内陷

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