[Pre Order] 大四喜金枕头单黄 蛋黄酥 芋泥酥 中秋月饼礼盒 DASIXI Traditional Mooncake Gift Set

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⚠️Please Take Note⚠️

Door to door service is upon request with courier service.

Door to door service apart from lobby is subject to a service charges RM5
You may pay via :-
- Cash
- Tng Ewallet
- Online Bank Transfer (Instant Transfer)

Courier will only deliver to upstair after you agree to make payment 🤗




condo/apartment/shopping mall送货上门服务是需要额外付款 (Rm5)
- 现金付款
- TNG Ewallet
- 线上转账(Instant Transfer)

付款后即可送上门给您 🤗


Pre-order: 14/7/2022 ~ 26/8/2022


🔥金枕头单黄系列 Golden Pillow with 1 Yolk【3条装】 RM65.00
Set A | 翡翠、莲蓉、豆沙
Set B | 黑翡翠、莲蓉、豆沙
Set C | 黑翡翠、莲蓉、翡翠

🔥蛋黄酥系列 Egg Yolk Crisp【8粒装】
蛋黄酥 Set A | 莲蓉 RM68.00
蛋黄酥 Set B | 翡翠 RM68.00
鸡丝蛋黄酥 Set A | 莲蓉 RM68.00
鸡丝蛋黄酥 Set B | 斑斓 RM68.00
鸡丝蛋黄酥 Set C | 莲蓉x4 斑斓x4 RM68.00

千层芋泥酥 | 无蛋 NO EGG RM68.00
千层芋泥酥 | 蛋黄 WITH EGG YOLK RM72.00
麻薯千层芋泥蛋黄酥 单黄 | RM72.00

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