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Pesso Repellent

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Pest & Weed Control
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Pesso Bed Bug Repellent
Toxin-free / does not leave toxic residue behind

Pesso Rat Repellent
For a start, continue spray for 3 – 5 days on the Rat appearance area. Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly.This product will just repel them and won’t kill them.

Pesso Lizard Repellent
PESSO Lizard Repellent spray does not kill the lizards. Each spray on the surface will deter the lizard’s ability to cling onto the surface. 

Pesso Cat Repellent
The liquid repellent is an all-natural and ready-to use spray to repel cats. 

Pesso Ant Bait
Pesso Eco Ant Bait simply locate area where ant presence or activity is detected and apply one station of Eco Ant Bait each time at the area. Place bait along identified ant trail for maximum effectiveness. 

Pesso Cockroach Bait
Pesso Eco Cockroach Bait simply place bait at area where cockroach activity or presence is suspected or detected. Place more than one as necessary depending on the area of intended coverage.

Pesso Eco Mosquito Repellent

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