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Pesso Eco Ant/Cockroach Bait 2pcs (Ant/Cockroach Repellent)

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Pesso Eco Ant Bait

Features & Benefits 

- Natural Ingredients. 

- Not harmful to human . 

- Eradicate entire ant colony at its nesting area. 

How to use? 

1. Apply at area where ants are detected. 

2. Ants consume bait and bring it back to their nest. 

3. They distribute bait throughout colony. 

4. Eventually, whole colony is eliminated. 

Pesso Eco Cockroach Bait

Features & Benefits 

- 100% plant based ingredients. 

- Not harmful to human and pets. 

- Eradicate cockroach colonies right at their inaccessible nesting area. 

How to use? 

1. Attract cockroach to eat gel.. 

2. After consume, it will dispersion to another cockroach via contact. 

3. The first cockroach will back to his nest and died, others will eat him.

4. And when others back to another nest, will died and pass on the nest.

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