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Pesso Eco Ant Bait 2pcs (Ant Repellent)

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Pest & Weed Control
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Features & Benefits 

- Natural Ingredients. 

- Not harmful to human . 

- Eradicate entire ant colony at its nesting area. 

How does it work? 

1. Apply at area where ants are detected. 

2. Ants consume bait and bring it back to their nest. 

3. They distribute bait throughout colony. 

4. Eventually, whole colony is eliminated. 

Installation Guidelines 

When installing the Pesso Eco Ant Bait simply locate area where ant presence or activity is detected and apply one station of Eco Ant Bait each time at the area. Place bait along identified ant trail for maximum effectiveness. 

The ants will consume the bait and will bring to the nest. They will distribute the bait to the colony members. Eventually, the whole colony will be eliminated

The main ingredient of Pesso Eco Ant Bait is Boric Acid, a commonly used  food preservative with the ability to act as a carrier.

Wash your hands after handling bait to avoid cross contamination and other resulting complications. 

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