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Ora2 me Spiral Catch Toothbrush Value Pack 3's (Medium)

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Oral Care
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Ora2 me  弹力动感牙刷
- 采用全新加长柔软刷毛,不伤牙牙及牙齿。
- 新刷毛切割形状
- 齿间清洁力UP

Sleek toothbrushes with colourful Handles for the fashionable ME! 
Smaller headed toothbrush for me.

Ora² supports a lively and radiant lifestyle for women in today’s society. Using the information and technology of modern oral science, the Ora² special range of dental products not only keeps the mouth healthy, but also allows women to have confidence in their smiles.

*100% Original Product. Imported from Japan.

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