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Noteism 555 Stonebook

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NOTEISM™ 555 Stonebook
555 notebooks are legendary in both Malaysia & Singapore. A household product was widely used to jot notes for different purposes in the olden days. In order to preserve the tradition, Noteism has given a new life to this legendary notebook by upgrading traditional 555 notebooks made from paper into 555 stonebooks using the latest technology stone paper. The legend is now 100% waterproof, oil-proof and ink bleedproof.
Every notebook designed by Noteism is built to last a lifetime with minimalist style, practical functionality, highest quality materials, and world-class craftsmanship
"Near-Indestructible 555 Stonebook Made From Stone That Allows You To Write In The Toughest Environment"
✔100% Waterproof  ✔Tear-resistance  ✔"Ruler Line" Page Design  ✔Mud-proof  ✔Oil-proof  ✔Bleed-proof ✔Sweat-proof

What makes NOTEISM™ 555 Stonebook so special?
The 555 Stonebook inner pages made from Stone will survive sweat, rain, mud, snow, oil, grease, and the wear-and-tear of daily use.
No pen? No problem. You can write on a 555 stonebook with any pointed object you might have on hand — even your keys.
Completely friction-free, pens glide across our pages because there is no grain direction, and ink never bleeds through.
The world-first ever "Ruler Line" design having 1mm distance between dots designed by NOTEISM ensures that your writings would be well-defined.
Forgot to bring a ruler? Don't worry! Use our "Ruler Line" instead.
Built from stone paper. Zero trees were harmed in its production. 100% recyclable
Stone paper is acid-free. It effectively prevents discoloration (yellow spots or blotches) and can last for over 100 years under normal usage

NOTEISM™ Guarantees

No more ink bleeds and smears in your life
If the Stone Notebook is not 100% waterproof, we will refund the full payment amount
If the Stone Notebook inner pages contain yellow spots or blotches within 10 years, we will send you a new free copy of Noteism 555 Stonebook

- A7 size (74 x 105 mm)
- 40 pages
- Ruler line design layout
- Using 144g stone paper (Tear Resistance, Water Proof, Grease Repellent, Recyclable, Repurposable, Photodegradable)
- Stone paper hardcover
- Suitable for writing with all types of pens

Basic Pack - 3 colors (Black, Grey, White)
Size : 74 x 105mm
Weight :150 grams

Recommended Usage:
If there is a spill of beverage such as coffee on the 555 stonebook, rinse with water and dry it using a piece of dry cloth or tissue. Put the 555 stonebook in an airy space to allow moisture to go away.
To achieve the best waterproofing experience, use oil-based ink. Water-based ink will still smear when it gets in touch with water.
Avoid placing the 555 stonebook under direct sunlight for a long period as the stone paper is photodegradable
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