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Nictar Spicy Pineapple Sauce 黄梨酸辣酱 250g [Halal]

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Seasoning, Sauce & Condiment
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Nictar Spicy Pineapple Sauce 250g

The Spicy Pineapple Sauce or Paceri is widely used in Malay Cuisine, made from pineapple blended with natural spices and cooked over slow fire. Nictar Pineapple Spicy Sauce is manufactured from our secret recipe which goes very well with toufu dipping, steam or deep fried with vegetables and fish. Incidentally, it also can be used as a sauce for blending noodles. Our Sauce contains genuine juice pineapple pulps with its pleasant sweet taste, together with natural chilly and spicy condiments, will give you a memorable taste one never experienced before. 

- No added Sugar

- No Preservative 

- No Colouring 

- No Artificial Fragrance 

- No Emulsifier 

*Best consume within 12 days 

*Halal Certified 


Nictar 黄梨酸辣酱 250g


- 不添加糖

- 不含防腐剂

- 不含人造色素

- 不含香精

- 不含乳胶剂




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