Nictar Pure Pineapple Juice 100% 纯黄梨果汁 - 12 bottles / Box

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NICTAR Pure Pineapple Juice is freshly squeezed from Morris, a special variety of Malaysian pineapple.

The thick fruit pulpy content brings unbeatable real fruit taste to everyone.

The non - GMO fruit juice contains the natural sweet and sour taste of pineapple fruit, together it brings in good mouthfeel and flavour.

All the natural fibre and nutrients are perfectly retained in the juice, to vitalize you and bring in good health.

Vacuum packed and rapid sterilisation ensure it's quality as a healthy drink.

100% from fruit: 1 bottle equals to 1 pineapple!

100% 纯黄梨果汁:喝一瓶等于吃了一颗黄梨哦!

- No added Sugar 不添加糖

- No Preservative 不含防腐剂

- No Colouring 不含人造色素

- No Artificial Fragrance 不含香精

- No Emulsifier 不含乳胶剂

Contains: 1 box contains 12 bottles ( 260ml / bottle )

Ingredients: Pineapple

Shelf Life: 12 days


- Serve chilled, shake well before use.

- Sweetness, appearance, texture may vary slightly due to fruits species and weather factors.

- Occur of sediments is normal, not due to quality decay.

Made in Malaysia Pekan Nanas

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