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Nictar Handmade Pineapple Cookie 手工凤梨酥 30 pcs / Box [Halal]

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Nictar Pineapple Handmade Cookies 30 pcs (1 box = 10 pack, 1 pack = 3 pcs)

Every Nictar Pineapple Cookie is made exactly in the style of our grandmother, each contains rich pineapple jam made from premium Pontian pineapple fruits. Besides, fresh calamansi juices are added to enhanced the flavour. The cookie jam is prepared by cooking over slow fire for 10 hours, ensuring full flavour penetration. The handmade crust easily melts in your mouth, maximizing your mouthfeel satisfaction.

- No Preservative 

- No Colouring 

- No Artificial Fragrance 

- No Emulsifier 

Halal Certified

Net weight: 420g per box, 30 pcs (1 box = 10 pack, 1 pack = 3 pcs)


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Nictar 凤梨酥 30片(1盒 = 10包,1包 = 3片)

一如由您老奶奶手工制作的,每一颗Nictar凤梨酥包含了顶级的凤梨馅料。馅料是由自然成熟笨珍顶级凤梨绞碎,再拌入鲜榨桔子汁经10小时慢火熬煮而成。融入了高级牛油,手工外皮入口即化,完美地诠释了 ‘酥’ 的含义及南洋式凤梨酥的好滋味。

- 无防腐剂

- 无着色

- 无人工香精

- 无乳化剂




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