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Mijoy Storage Box (Box Only)

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Mijoy Blocks & Storage Box are made of bio-based plastic derived from agro-waste rice husks
Replacing direct use of plastic which is 100% safe and non-toxic material. Mijoy believes that everyone should use less plastic and make our Mother Earth greener through toys by using USDA certified material.

Educate kids to keep their toys neat and tidy since young
Kids often leave their toys all over on the floor, which you might accidentally step on them at anytime. You do not wan't to hurt yourselves or kids just like this. Mijoy Storage Box is definitely the ideal way to educate children to keep toys tidy and develop self-discipline


Create a memorable and fun moment with Mijoy Storage Box
Babies who were happier had more growth in their IQ scores between infancy and childhood, suggesting that happier babies learn more between infancy and childhood.

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