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Mijoy Aeroplane Toy Blocks

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Mijoy Blocks are made of bio-based plastic derived from agro-waste rice husks
Replacing direct use of plastic which is 100% safe and non-toxic material. Mijoy believes that everyone should use less plastic and make our Mother Earth greener through toys by using USDA certified material.

Free stickers available 
After pasting the colorful stickers on the respective Vehicle Blocks, they look more lively and sparkling. It is now more eye catchy by just a glance on them.

Do your child accidentally stepped on toys and hurt themselves ?
One of Mijoy Rice Husk Toy Blocks specialty is that the blocks are well-designed in rounded edges, even if your kids stepped on them, they wouldn’t injure themselves compared to ordinary sharp edges blocks. Parents can be relieved when kids are having fun with Mijoy Blocks as they are 100% safe and harmless to babies.

Mijoy Blocks are in big & hand grip sizes to avoid choking hazard.
Babies at 12 months old tend to grab every object within their vision and put it into their mouths, and this is totally every parent’s concern when it comes to the size of toys. 

Create a memorable and fun moment with Mijoy Rice Husk Toy Blocks
Babies who were happier had more growth in their IQ scores between infancy and childhood, suggesting that happier babies learn more between infancy and childhood.

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