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MARO 3D Volume Up Shampoo Ex 起立! 3D丰盈洗发精 460ml (Black 491705)

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Shampoo & Conditioner
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MARO 起立! 3D丰盈洗发精 460ml

抗扁塌、强健发、浓发感 .世界首创Defenscalp 成分添加. 独家配方调理头皮,由内而外强化发心、修护发丝 . 日本趋势话题!1.5倍丰盈髮量!无硅油!
功效: 滋润, 修复, 头发生长, 清新, 丰盈, 保湿补水
使用: 浸湿头发,取适量本产品揉搓起泡按摩头皮,再以清水彻底洗净即可。

-Significantly boosts hair volume by 150%!
-Our exclusive all-in-one formulation gives your hair full volume.
-Creates the most healthy scalp environment by
-cleansing and protecting deep in the core of the hair shaft
-with MARO exclusive Hair Follicle Protection technology.

Benefits: Volumizing, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Repairing, Hair Growth, Refreshing

How to use:
1.Rinse out scalp and hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.
2.Take up appropriate amount and apply to the entire hair.
3. Work into a lather, wash the scalp as if massaging and rinse thoroughly.
Use the Moist Diane Oil Hair Treatment Extra Moist GL-A is recommended.

Product Standard Expired Date: 18 months++ **ORIGINAL IMPORTED FROM JAPAN **

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