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Lian Hua Herbs Detox & Heat Relief Herbal Tea 420ml 莲花堂清瘟解毒茶

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The best way to protect ourselves from covid is not to get sick which is normally caused by body heatness.

LianHuaTang hence introduces the naturally cooked 【Detox Herbal Drinks】that helps with
- body heatness reduction
- lungs protection

This herbal tea is cooked with 13 types of herbs that are mainly used for body detoxification and lungs protection.
- NO preservatives added
- NO colourings added
The natural goodness of herbs is being packed in this herbal drinks and no cooking is required.

- 清热降火
- 清肺排毒
- 即饮、不用加水

- 鱼腥草:消炎解热
- 布渣叶:广东本地的降火良药
- 大青叶:预防热气
- 吊风根:清热解毒

莲花堂中医师 建议:
- 确诊者 1天2罐
- 无症状者 1天1罐

【莲花堂清瘟解毒茶】帮助调节身体内的热气 适合一家的清热解毒,预防炎症的中药饮
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