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Legacy Birdnest Fresh Cook Birdnest (1box 6bottles 80ml 2gram Birdnest) 传承鲜炖燕窝 (1盒6罐80ml 2克燕窝含量)

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Legacy Birdnest fresh stewed bird nest was founded in 2013, it is a company specializing in providing pure and fresh stewed bird's nest in Malaysia. legacy birdnest has always been selling the fresh stewed bird's nest. Legacy Birdnest and trusted partner Premiumlogy birdnest own over 60 birdhouses in Peninsula Malaysia. All bird's nests are harvested directly from their own birdhouses, and will transport all the raw bird’s nests to their own processing plant for hair picking, heating, and disinfection procedures. Legacy Birdnest never outsources to the third party to process the bird’s nest. This is to ensure that consumers will always get the cleanest, purest, and fresh stew bird’s nest soup.

All Tools and Bottles Sterilized with Ozone ,UV & Heat
-Ozone gas, a highly reactive chemical composed of three oxygen atoms, could provide a safe means for disinfecting certain types of personal protective equipment.
-UV radiation has effectively been used for decades to reduce the spread of bacteria.
-This sterilized step is mostly used on all tools, bottles, caps, and also some raw materials.

Advance Sterilization Skill Set 
-Without preservatives, it can't keep the food safe at room temperature. 
-Legacy Birdnest are using high pressure and heat to sterilize their freshcook birdnest while cooking. 
-The heat can be up to 125 - 130 degrees, to ensure all bacteria have been killed.

Final Step Vacuum 
-After sterilizing the tools and birdnest, bacteria still exists in the surrounding air. 
-Vacuum is to make sure bacteria don't stand a chance to grow in the bottle. 
-In other words, freshcook birdnest can keep up to 30days without any preservative.

Promote our Immune System
-The edible bird’s nest contains glycoprotein, neutral energetic properties and other minerals and vitamins that help to boost the immune system.

Stimulate Healthy Skin
-The edible bird’s nest helps prevent internal dryness, helps to maintain youthful skin. The enzyme and hormone can rebirth human cells.

Improve Digestion
-The Enzymes in bird’s nests can easily act on food in the stomach to quicken the digestion process and also accelerate the rate of metabolism.

Suitable for All Age 
-People who regularly consume bird’s nest soup will have stronger immunity, radiant skin, speed recovery to wounds and a good eye vision. 

- 1 Box come with 6 Bottles 2g Birdnest -80ml 
- Short Expiry date, consume before 15days
- Suggest keep in Fridge 
- Suggest take 1bottle a day or on alternate days, for long term consumption at least 3months.

Who can not eat bird's nest?

Acute phase of illness and cold
-In the acute stage of the disease and colds, the immune system function declines, and the functions of various organs are affected, especially the respiratory tract and digestive tract. At this time, eating bird's nest will not only have a poor absorption effect, but also make it difficult to evacuate and expel foreign pathogens. Therefore, after the acute phase of the disease is over or the cold is over, eat bird's nest for conditioning.

Patients with advanced cancer
-Bird's nest contains a very important peptide substance-epidermal growth factor, which can stimulate the division and enhancement of a variety of cells, promote cell differentiation, quickly repair damaged skin, promote the healing of surgical wounds and wounds, and make the skin become Smooth and elastic. But such substances may also act on late-stage cancer cells to promote their further growth. So if you are a patient with advanced cancer, please take it with caution.

Those with a history of protein allergy
-Bird's nest is rich in protein. People who are allergic to protein foods are also prone to allergies if they eat bird's nest. If it is really necessary to eat, you can eat 1 gram of dried bird's nest for the first time. If there are no symptoms, eat it again the next day.

What should I pay attention to when eating bird's nest? When is the most effective time to eat bird's nest?
-Eating bird's nest while avoiding tea, because tea has tea acid, it will destroy the nutrients in the bird's nest
-It is not recommended to eat bird's nest after drinking
-Although you should avoid smoking when eating bird's nest, because the ingredients in bird's nest have the effect of clearing and moisturizing the lungs, if you pour harmful substances into the fruit during the elimination process, wouldn't it be in vain?
-Eat less spicy and greasy foods while eating the nest. At the same time, because the bird's nest contains more protein, when eating bird's nest, you should also eat less acidic things, at least avoid eating at the same time.
-Eating on an empty stomach is the best time for the best results. For example, when you wake up or before going to bed, the taste of the liquid acid is easier to digest.

Can I eat bird's nest with western medicine?
-This is no problem, but it is ideal to consume it within one or two hours of taking the medicine.



传承鲜炖燕窝成立于2013年,是马来西亚一家专业提供纯正鲜炖燕窝的公司。传统燕窝一直以来都在卖鲜炖燕窝。 传承鲜炖燕窝 和值得信赖的合作伙伴 Premiumlogy 鸟巢在马来西亚半岛拥有 60 多个鸟舍。所有燕窝均直接从自家禽舍采收,并将所有生燕窝运至自家加工厂进行采毛、加热和消毒程序。 传承鲜炖燕窝 从未将燕窝加工外包给第三方。这是为了确保消费者永远得到最干净、最纯净、最新鲜的炖燕窝汤。

- 臭氧气体是一种由三个氧原子组成的高活性化学物质,可以为某些类型的个人防护设备提供一种安全的消毒方法。
- 几十年来,紫外线辐射一直有效地用于减少细菌的传播。
- 这个消毒步骤主要用于所有工具、瓶子、盖子以及一些原材料。

- 不含防腐剂,无法保证常温下的食品安全。
- 加热温度可达 125 - 130 度,以确保所有细菌均已被杀死。

- 对工具和燕窝进行消毒后,周围空气中仍然存在细菌。
- 真空是为了确保细菌不会在瓶子中生长。
- 换句话说,新鲜燕窝可以在不添加任何防腐剂的情况下保存长达 30 天。

- 食用燕窝含有糖蛋白、中性能量特性和其他有助于增强免疫系统的矿物质和维生素。

- 食用燕窝有助于防止内部干燥,有助于保持年轻的皮肤。酶和激素可以重生人体细胞。


- 经常饮用燕窝汤的人免疫力更强,皮肤容光焕发,伤口恢复速度快,视力好。

- 1 盒附 6 瓶 2g 燕窝 -80 毫升
- 保质期短,15天前用完
- 建议放在冰箱里
- 建议每天或隔日服用 1 瓶,长期饮用至少 3 个月。



- 疾病急性期和感冒时,免疫系统 功能下降,自身各个器官功能都 受影响,特别是呼吸道和消化道 最明显,此时吃燕窝不但吸收效 果不好,而且会使外邪难以疏散 驱除。因此要等疾病急性期过后 或感冒好了以后,再吃燕窝调理。

- 燕窝中含有一种非常重要的多肽类物质—表皮生长因子,能刺激多种细 胞的分裂增强,促进细胞分化,对受 损皮肤进行快速修复,促进手术创口 和创面的愈合,使皮肤变得光滑而有 弹性。但这类物质同样可能作用于晚 期癌细胞,促进其进一步生长。所以 如果是癌症晚期患者,请谨慎服用。

- 燕窝中含有丰富的蛋白质,对蛋 白质食物过敏的人吃燕窝,同样 容易过敏。如果确实有必要吃, 可以第一次吃1克干燕窝,如没 症状隔天再吃一次。

-吃燕窝同时尽量避免喝 茶,因为茶叶里有茶酸, 它会破坏掉燕窝里的营养成份
-吃燕窩时尽虽避免抽烟, 因为燕窝的成份有清肺润 肺的功效,如果在进行消 等过程中又把有害物质往 果浇,那岂不是白费?
-食用杀窝期间少吃辛辣油腻食物,同时因为 燕窝含有较多的蛋白质,因此在吃燕窝的时 候,也要少吃酸性的东西,至少要避免同时吃。
-空腹食用是效果最佳的时 候,比如说睡醒或睡前燕 減里的味液酸更容易被消化。

- 这个是没问题的,可是尽量在服用药的一两个小时前后食用为理想。

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