Lab11 Full Lift Hair Care Set - Shampoo 300ml + Soft Mask 250ml

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Lab 11
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1.) Hair Care Set 护发配套 : Shampoo 300ml + Soft Mask (Conditioner) 250ml
2.) Scalp Essence 100ml 毛囊再生精华液

Brand LAB 11 is a creation of a team of experienced hair and beauty experts from a Malaysian based company, Global Story that has been one of the industry market leader with 18 years of experience and service to millions of customers across the country.

Rescue Hairline & Baldness
With “Castor Oil”, you'll be able to enhance your roots a

4 times Hydration
The active ingredients hydrate the scalp, which make up to 400% of water compared to normal condition, so that the hair will not become oily.

48-Hour Scalp Oil Control
Try not washing your hair for 2 days, but your hair still feel fresh, it’s because it contains a natural ingredient from "watercress" that regulate the secretion of sebum

Say goodbye to dandruff
Lime essential oil helps to remove dandruff, 8 out of 10 people witnessed the result in 7 days, and the scalp won’t be itchy anymore!

Developed from natural essential oil, it contains 9 types of natural plant active ingredients inside, use it together with Soft Mask, your hair will become smooth and shiny! 

Full Lift is an all-round shampoo solution to hair loss, oily hair, less hair volume, dry hair, dandruff & damaged hair.

Shampoo 300ml + Soft Mask 250ml = RM168 
***Soft mask can use as hair conditioner.

GWP Lab11 Towel

Lab11用的是法国的Watercress, 不强调控油的,他们更强调的是补足水份,让我们的油脂分泌balance回去! 所以比起强效控油,这种方式更加温和有效!

*Castor Oil蓖麻油
*Argan Oil摩洛哥坚果油
*Peppermint essential oil薄荷精油
*Coconut oil + olive oil 椰油+橄榄油
*Eucalyptus essential oil 桉树精油
*Lime essential oil 青柠精油
*Sweet Orange essential oil 甜橙精油
*Lavender essential oil 薰衣草精油

产品 No paraben, No mercury, No SlS,没有色素,没有化学香精,精油的部分是纯精油萃取。

-Castor Oil 帮助增强发根!



和头皮屑说Bye bye~

9种天然植物活性成分,跟Soft Mask一起用,头发又滑又亮!

Full Lift是一支同一时间解决脱发、油腻、发量少、干燥、头皮屑、受损的全能洗头水!

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