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KRG Pocheon Hyolim Korean Red Ginseng Drink (80ml (35Kcal) x 30 packs/Box)

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Uses of Korean Red Ginseng Drink Pocheon Hyolim:

- Red ginseng juice is a functional food that enhances health, prolongs life and intelligence, increases working ability, helps clear mind, refreshes, and improves working efficiency.

- Improve insomnia, increase memory and analytical ability, comprehensive nutrition, increase vitality, anti-aging, diabetes, lower cholesterol.

- Effective in clearing blood vessels to avoid diseases caused by vascular obstruction such as high blood pressure and low blood fat, enhance sexual function, increase memory and prevent dementia.

- Prevent cancer, regulate blood pressure, fight arteriosclerosis, fight stress, increase resistance, good for liver and kidney and increase immunity.


Instructions for using Korean Red Ginseng Drink Pocheon Hyolim:

1. Shake well before use so that the ingredients are evenly dispersed.

2. Adults take 1~2 packs a day, children under 15 years old take half pack a day.



- Do not use for children under 14 years old and pregnant women should limit use if used, should use very small doses.

- Should be taken in the morning.

- The product is not a medicine and is not meant to replace medicine.


Preservation method

- Avoid direct light, hot and humid environment. Store it in a cool dry place or refrigerator.

- When opened, store it in the refrigerator

- Occasionally sediments will occur. It is red ginseng ingredient, which can be shaken and eaten safely

- The edges of the package may scratch our skin. Please be careful when consuming.

- Do not heat it in the microwave when in packaged condition.

Nutrition Facts for 80g of per pouch :

Calories : 35kcal

Total Fat : 0g

Cholesterol : 0mg

Sodium : 28.8mg

Total Carbohydrate : 9g

Includes Sugars : 7.3g

Protein : 0g

Saponin : 2.5mg

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