Japlo Nane Silicone Nipple

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Japlo Nane Silicone Nipple

- Made of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR Germany) for baby feeding bottles.

- Special anti-colic. valves helps to prevent gas build-ups and stomach discomfort.

- Dots features provide similar comfort and structure of mother's nipple. 

- Soft resilient and non collapsible during feeding.

- All nipples can be reversed for comprehensive cleaning and can fit nicely into any standard feeding bottles. 

- For mothers who value the best health of their child, Japlo are BPA free.

Comply to:
- British Standard 7368. 
- EN 71-3 
- ISO9002
- EN46002

~ Tips ~
- All bottles have its own nipple, nipple model is fixed
- Nipple need to be changed once a month, it is recommended that parents should more than 2/3 nipples for emergency
- According to different ages of baby, need to choose different flow of nipple

How to choose nipple:
Small-S : 0-3 months
Medium-M : 4-7 months
Large-L : 8-12 months
Extra Large-XL : 12 months and above
X-Cut : Suitable for all age

How to use:
- Suction holes and vent holes are occasionally blocked,Use a through-hole needle to confirm before use. As shown in the figure, lightly poke the suction hole and cent hole with the tip of the through-hole needle to keep it smooth. Ince it get clogged, it may cause the bottle to be bad and suddenly enter the bottle.

Japlo Baby Products have complied with Halal requirements according to Islamic Laws. It shows that the manufacturing process for the products safe for worldwide Muslim utilisation and consumption.

Japlo pride themselves in obtaining 's Good design award for innovative Easy Grip bottle. Also, Japlo is CE and SIRIM certified.

- Sterilise before and after each use. 
- The front part of the nipple is very fragile. When cleaning with a nipple brush, hold your finger on the nipple for cleaning.

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