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Japlo Baby Gum Brush

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Oral Care
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Hygiene is something every mother prioritizes when it comes to her little ones, and when you have a little baby in your arms, even down to the most mundane factor like your child’s oral gums.

If you’re looking for something to clean his gums with, then Japlo’s got the solution for you.

- Japlo Gum Brush is designed for an effective start towards good oral hygiene at a young age.

- The bristyle on the brush is nicely soft and comfortable, suitable for infants with delicate measures.

- The size of the gum brush is just right for the mother’s index finger to fit in while brushing the baby’s teeth and massaging his gums.

- Practice the correct oral hygiene steps from the beginning and your child will be sure to have gleaming, healthy teeth when he grows up.

Japlo Baby Products have complied with Halal requirements according to Islamic Laws. It shows that the manufacturing process for the products safe for worldwide Muslim utilisation and consumption.
Japlo pride themselves in obtaining 's Good design award for innovative Easy Grip bottle. Also, Japlo is CE and SIRIM certified.

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