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iGOZO Greeny Pure 26cm Cast Iron Casserole (Free Silicon Skimmer & Soup Ladle)

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Product Weight (Body + Glass Lid) : 5.5kg

Product Height (Without Lid) : 12cm

Product Volume : 5.3Liter


Material : Cast Iron



Healthy Cooking Cookware

Toxic free material, no synthetic coating or chemicals.


Durability & Long Lasting

The one-piece construction body ensure no rivet need for and no worry of the handle broken issue. Can be used for a long period of time and passed on to future generations.


Pre-Seasoned Cookware

Cast Iron cookware is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil to prevent the cookware from rusting, also prevents food from sticking to the cookware, as long as it is properly seasoned and cared for.


Natural Non-Stick

Once after the cast iron cookware is baking in the high-temperature oven / heat on the stove, the grease penetrates the capillary iron pores, which form a protective film on the surface of the cast iron cookware, and it makes the cookware non-stick. (Using a lower heat setting will also prevent food from sticking)


Excellent Heat Conductivity

Heavy gauge durable construction ensures quick and even heating, excellent at retaining heat for a long period and keep food warm. Remain the authentic taste.


Excellent in Retaining Heat and Keep Food Moisture

The spike bubble condenses the steam into liquid and baste the food. Keep your food moisture and ensures that heat is spread uniformly and prevents spatter while cooking. It can also use it to keep food warm until it is ready to be served.


Scratch Resistant

All utensils are safe to use with cast iron, silicone tools are most recommended to use during cooking.


Integrated Carry Handles

Seamlessly casted handles make the grip feel more comfortable and convenient cooking experience. Easy to lift or move the wok.


Sturdy Flat Base

Comes with a rounded flat base so that can steadily sit on any surface and easily set it up on the cooker top and have a sturdy base for cooking. This diminishes the chances of the wok accidentally falling and spilling its content everywhere.


Large Capacity

Has 5.3 Liter capacity with wide diameter for large meals. Ideal for like stir-frying, steaming, deep frying, boiling, braising, searing, stewing and more.


Compatible with All Cookers and Oven Safe

Can be used on all cooking surfaces, including induction stoves, electric stoves, gas stoves and glass top stoves. It can even be used in the oven (Up to 500˚F) or on the grill.


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