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HimeCoto Shiro Yubi Hime Wrinkleless Putty Hand Cream 30G

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Body Care
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Wrinkles disappear in just 10 seconds?!

Let's become beautiful lady with "Flawless Hands"

Micro powder adheres to small wrinkles, and transforms your hand into it's youthful and beautiful form again.

It contains fullerence and beauty extracts and also protects your hand.

- Microbeads of powder fill in wrinkles!
- White powder covers pores!
- Making your skin hydrated and firm!

Take an appropriate amount (cherry-sized) of the cream and apply to your hands evenly. 

1) Please do not use it if there are abnormalities on the skin, such as irritation, wound, swelling and eczema rash.
2) While you are using or after using, if some skin disorder occurs while exposed to sun, please stop using the product and consult the doctor immediately.
3) Please keep out of reach of children. If the gel accidentally gets into eyes, rinse immediately with running water.
4) Be careful the cream might stain your clothes. If your clothes happen to be stained by the cream, you can still wash it away with water or soap.
5) Avoid storing the product in extremely high or low temperatures, humidity, and direct sunlight.

*100% Orginal Imported from Japan.

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