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HimeCoto Shiro Hiza Hime 50G

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Body Care
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Get white and beautiful knees, elbow, and ankles in 30 seconds.

With double mud components and sodium bicarbonate to absorb and remove dirt.

Whiten your skin with white coating.

Moisturizing your skin with 13 types of natural extract.

Whitening scrub cream for your knees!

Reasons for dark skin...
- Friction
- Slow Skin Turnover
- UV

Only 1 Step!
- Remove dirt & dead skin cells
- Even out skin tone & conceal dark spot
- Moisturise with 13 kinds of natural extracts

Direction For Use:

1. Take an appropriate amount and massage over the concerned area for 20-30 seconds.
2. Wash off with warm water. You can also apply on elbow and ankle areas.
* Please mix well before using it as the scrub may be precipitated.

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