He Or She Ultra Transform Cap

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He Or She Ultra Transform Cap


🔺 Product highlights:

You can now convert He Or She baby bottle into a container to store baby formula milk, fruits, crackers and even can use it as breast milk storage bottle.


Product highlights:

- Convert baby bottles into multiple-purpose containers: breast milk storage bottle, formula milk storage, fruit storage, etc.


- Anti-bacterial and nutrients pertaining - A secured closure with an anti-bacterial container prevents precious nutrients from oxidation and keeps breast milk / fruits / food fresh.


- No wasteful transfer - interchangeable storage lids allow mom to express, store and feed in a single container with no wasteful transfer of milk, making every drop count! 


- Snap-on interconnecting button - Allows multiple containers to bind together, converting bottles into an organised storage system.


Product specifications:

- suitable to use on He Or She Ultra Wide Baby Bottle 

- Made from recyclable & BPA Free material

- Available colors: Black and White


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