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EVAS mimi Lauryne's Moment Perfume 永恒时刻香水 15ml - 5 scent to choose

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1.) Citrus Bergamia 柑橘柠檬
‘Sweet and fresh sparkling floral scent’
TOP - Sparkling Citron | MIDDLE - Cosmos, Lilac | BASE - Musk, Caramel
- The top notes starts with a fresh sparkling citron scent
- Like a mischievous playful girl playing around
- Coming up with the sweet floral fragrance
- Resembling a beautiful fairy tale to you.

2.) Mellifluous 清新善良
‘Sweet and powdery scent of tulips’
TOP - Freesia | MIDDLE - Tulip | BASE - Blonde Wood, Vetiver
- In the elegant tulip blooms hiding
- A light and soft freesia fragrance
- Blended with Vetiver and Blonde Wood
- Giving you a graceful and powdery incense.

3.) Scarlet - 绯红玫瑰
‘Clean and fresh rose fragrance’
TOP - Lemon, Spearmint | MIDDLE - Bulgarian Rose | BASE - Musk, Sandalwood
- The refreshing scent of lemon and spearmint
- Decorating the freshness of the rose fragrance
- Giving a bright and cheerful aroma
- As clear as the dew of the dawn.

4.) Fruity Juicy 淡雅果香
‘Fresh and sweet fruity bouquet fragrance’
TOP - Grapefruit, Lime | MIDDLE - Orange Blossom, Pear | Base - White musk
- Delightful and delicious fruity bouquet scent
- With various fresh fragrances of citrus fruits
- Blended with soft and cool sea breeze aroma
- Giving you a lovely and fascinating fragrance.

5.) Wood Sage 鼠尾草香
‘Smooth and salty wave scent from the beach’
TOP - Bergamot | MIDDLE - Ambrette Seed | BASE - Sandalwood
- After awakening the soft sense of bergamot
- The combination of deep fragrances
- With Ambrette Seed and Sandalwood
- Giving a gentle and inspiring wave-like fragrance.

How to use: Apply on the body (neck, chest, wrists)and hair.

Origins from Korea
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