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EVAS mimi Lauryne's Moment Hand Wash 永恒时刻草本抗菌洗手液 500ml

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Personal Care
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3 Variant to choose
1.) Hey Green 清新草本
2.) Berry Beet 甜蜜莓果
3.) Happy Tangerine 快乐柑橘

温和清洁 | 泡沫绵密 | 清新香调 | 滋润肌肤

Mimi Lauryne’s Moment Plant Hand Wash
Mimi Lauryne’s Moment Plant Hand Wash

Take care of your health with clean living habits
By simply washing your hands several times a day.

Moment Plant Hand Wash infused with plenty of vegetables and fruits
Feels like drinking a glass of healthy juice every time you wash your hands.

How to use: 
Pumps the hand wash 1-2 times on palms.
Gently foaming the bubbles to remove the wastes on hands.
Rinse thoroughly with water. The hand wash provides full protection and also gentle hand care.

Volume: 500ml

Origins from Korea
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