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Dr.Sain - Package B - Oily Control Series (Oily & Dandruff Shampoo/Intensive Tonic)

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Shampoo & Conditioner
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Package B - Oily Control Series Includes:
- Dr.Sain Oily & Dandruff Shampoo 500ml x1
- Dr.Sain Intensive Tonic 100ml x1

Dr.Sain Oily & Dandruff Shampoo 500ml:
This shampoo is an effective and gentle shampoo for dandruff and oily hair and scalp. It is also good for scalp health. It can help to reduce dandruff. It helps reduce sebum production and leaves hair smelling good.
这款洗发水是一种有效且温和的洗发水,适用于头皮屑和油性头发和头皮。 它对 头皮健康也有好处。 它可以帮助减少头皮屑。 它有助于减少皮脂的产生,让头发 闻起来很香。
Dandruff & Oily Shampoo Benefits:
1. Decrease dandruff & scalp itchiness. 减少头皮屑和头皮发痒。
2. Help you control the spread of Malassezia globosa. 帮助您控制马拉色菌的传播。
3. Decreases sebum production in the scalp. 减少头皮中的皮脂产生。

Dr.Sain Intensive Tonic 100ml:
This Intensive Hair Tonic is specially formulated with a unique complex which helps to reduce hair loss. It has repairing and strengthening effect on hair. It can also improve scalp condition making it healthier. 这款强效生发液是由独特的复合物特别配制而成,有助于减少脱发。 它具有修复和增强头发的作用。 它还可以改善头皮状况,使其更健康。
Intensive Tonic Benefits:
1. Decrease hair loss. 减少脱发。
2. Stimulate hair growth and improve the cellular oxygenation and skin/scalp microcirculation. 刺激头发生长,改善细胞氧合和皮肤/头皮微循环。
3. It has repairing and strengthening effect on human hair. 对人的头发有修复和增强作用。

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