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Dr.Sain - Damage & Repair Mask 500ml

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Shampoo & Conditioner
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This hair mask is specially formulated to give you noticeably smooth, manageable hair. Infused with amino acids, it has strengthening effect and moisturizing effect on the hair. This conditioner gives hair a more luxurious,
smoother feel.
这款护发液经过特殊调配而成,可为您提供显着的顺滑头发。 护发液加入了氨基酸,对头发具有增强作用和保湿作用。 这款护发液可使头发更飘逸,更顺滑。

- Paraben Free
- Artificial Colourant Free

1. Add strength, gloss, softness and flexibility to hair 增加头发的强度,光泽,柔软度和柔韧性。
2. Helps to protect against scalp flaking and itchiness 防止头皮剥落和发痒。
3. Protects hair against damage from over-heating, coloring, bleaching and straightening 刺激细胞新陈代谢,改善毛发生长细胞。
4. Increase moisture retention in hair 增加头发的水分保持力。

How to use Damage & Repair Mask in 4 easy steps. 使用护发液的简单四步骤。

Step 1: Dry hair gently with towel after shampoo. 洗发后使用毛巾轻柔的把头发擦干。
Step 2: Apply adeqately TREATMENT MASK based on hair length onto hair from mid-length to end. 根据发量情况,再按出适量的护发液涂抹在头发上。
Step 3: Use a wide-tooth comb or finger to detangle and fullycoat hair from root to end. 可使用宽齿梳或手指从发根到发尾梳开,以让护发液完全的覆盖头发。
Step 4: Leave on for 2-4 minutes before rinse thoroughly. 约二至四分钟后清洗干净。

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