Cocod'or Premium Jar Candle 130g

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Made of high quality palm wax, premium jar candles ensure long lasting burning time for 30 to 40 hours.
Our long lasting premium jar candles are poured in ITALY with natural palm wax and fiber wick.

Cocod'or Candle :

1. British Royal Candle Manyfacturing Method

2. Made In Italy 

3. RSPO Authentication

4. Use Cotton Wick

5. Large Capacity

6. Combustion time about 30-40 hours


Garden Lavender 

It is an italian lavender scent with a charming combination of white, softness, and nature. The conventional lavender scent is infused with an iris scent amid a subtle woody flavor to create the comfortable aroma of a lavender garden.


Open Window

A fresh laundry scent mixed with white lily and Sicilian lemon notes manifests a fragrance communicating a comfortable, refreshing feeling.


Cotton Power

A fresh fig scent is added to lilac scent with a powdery, white feeling, to recreate a cotton texture, leaving a cozy and homely feeling.



A mysterious combination of cotton peach that has a soft and powdery feeling, while a sweet scent of osmanthus and white floral communicates a luxurious impression.


Tea Rose 

It is a fragrance with a softness and depth, like steeped rose petals. A rich and voluminous scent of Moroccan roses with a hint of sourness creates an alluring fragrance.



It has a refresging aroma from oranges and cloves, as well as a scent that has an effect on removing the smell of tabacco. 


Directions : 

1. In case the candle make soot, stop using it and cut its wick about 3 - 5 mm. When the candle generates too much soot or when you feel its fire is too big, cut its wick little bit. When you light the candle about 2-3 hrs when its surface is melted enoughly, you can prevent a tunneling candle.
2. To prevent having soot, use it in the place where wind does not blow.
3. In case the candle is used for a short time, it might be a cause of a tunneling candle. We recommend you to use it about 3 hrs to make the edge of candle is melted enoughly.
4. In case the light of candle is easily extinguished, melt the surface of the candle using a hair dryer and remove the melted wax.
5. The candle which has WET SPOT phenomenone which looks its bottle and wax are separated does not mean the wax and bottle are not separated or the candle is not a faulty product. It does not affect on its use.

Cautions : 

A. Do not vacate the seat when candle is lighted to prevent fire.
B. Do not use it by placing it on the furniture or electronics which are weak at fire.
C. Keep it out of children or pets' reach.
D. In case of the candle is got into the eyes or reached to skin, wash off using water and consult with a doctor.
E. In case of using the candle at the narrow and sealed place, make air out by periods.
F. It's banned to make it exposed to combustibles, inflammables, direct light, heat, and humidity.
G. In case you touch the container when the candle is lighted or when the wax is melted, you might get burned.
H. do not give any impact on it. In case the wax of candle is broken, cracked, and discolored, it's banned to use it.
I. Check if the candle is extinguished after using it. In case re-light the candle, wait until the candle dripping is entired hard.
J. Use the candle on a flat surface. Do not use it on the moving or inclined place.
K. In case the product is frozen, keep it at the rom temperature and use it.
L. In case of having following symptoms such as dyspnoea, nausea, diarrhea, allergic reaction, frequent cough, etc, stop using it immediately and consult with a doctor.
M. It’s banned to use if you are suffer from respiratory diseases or if you are old.
N. In case of using the candle, use the candle with the safe heat-resistant holder.
O. Be careful when you do work such as cutting, drilling, welding, grinding, etc around its container.
P. In case fire or other accident breaks out caused by customer’s carelessness, seller does not take any legal responsibility.

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