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BIOBAY Rezwel (60's)

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Health Supplement
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BIOBAY Rezwel is a product that can help you to have good sleep every night by enhancing GABA levels which enables the body and mind to relax and have a good rest. There are 5 natural ingredients that are used in this product, which is Valerian Root Extract, Hops Extract. Wolfberry Extract, Passion Flower Extract, Rafuma Extract. By having a good quality sleep, it can help with your emotional and physical wellbeing. This product also can help to reduce the effect of menopause, regulate sleep, mood and energy, memory, appetite and digestion. 


Quality of Sleep 

Reduce Stress

Regulate mood and energy 

Reduce mean

Suitable for individuals who:

Sleeping disorder

Stress/ anxiety and depression 

Poor memory 

Mentally disturbed 

Lack of Concentration/ Energy 

Direction of use: 

Take 2 capsules daily 1 hour before sleep.


Valerian Root Extract, Hops Extract, Wolfberry Extract, Passion Flower Extract, Rafuma Extract. 

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