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Bergamot Copper X 4Ply Anti-Bacterial Medical Facemask (Earloop) 30PCS Individually Packed

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Medical Mask
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Bergamot Copper X 4Ply Medical Facemask Product Specification

Highlight :

1. Hypoallergenic

2. 99% Antibacterial Properties 

3. 4 Layer Protection

4. Quad Fold (For better breathability)

5. Each Mask Individually Packed

Packaging Mode : 30pcs/box (Individual Packaging)

- 4 Ply Medical Face Mask
- EN 14683 Type IIR & ASTM Level 3 Certified 
- Medical Device Authority (MDA) Approved
- Each Mask is Individually Packed (Prevent Cross Contamination)
- Antimicrobial Copper Properties (Reduce or kill 99% Bacteria & Viruses within 4 hours) –Certified by ASTM E2149
- Quad Fold (Extra Breathability)
- Ultimate Fitting (Aluminium Nose Strip)
- Lint Free Material (Reduce potential discomfort or itchiness)

- 4 层医用口罩
- EN 14683 Type IIR 型和ASTM 3 级认证 
- 医疗机械管理局 (MDA)批准
- 抗微生物铜特性 (在 4 小时内减少或杀死 99% 的细菌和病毒)
- 通过 ASTM E2149 认证
- 四折 (超透气)
- 无绒材料 (减少潜在的不适或瘙痒)


Instruction use :

- Store in dry, clean conditions in original packaging.

- Store awat from direct sunlight, source of high temperature and solvent vapors.

- Store with temperature range 0 degree Celcius to +39 degree celcius and with relative humidity below 80%

- Shelf life is 60 months from the date of manufacture when stored as stated above.

- Replace if damaged, heavily contaminated or in accordance with local practice.

- Hand and dispose of contaminated face mask with care and in accordance with national regulations.

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