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Beauty Buffet Scentio Milk Plus Whitening Q10 Salt Scrub 300G

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Beauty Buffet
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1. 弹性:增强肌肤自身细胞活力
2. 光滑:深层柔和细腻,缩小毛孔
3. 柔软:促进细胞再生祛除角质
4. 保湿:锁住水分,促进深度睡眠

The Milk Salt Scrub used as a spa treatment to help moisturize and polish the dead skin cells that are aged causing the skin to look dull. After this scrub treatment, your skin will look more radiant with pure milk extract and co-enzyme Q10 help skin looking more brightening. Vitamin E help moisturized for healthy-looking skin. Witch Hazel protects the skin from irritation and mineral oil regains skin moisture.

How to use: Scrub the salt on the wet surface. Leave the circle for 3 minutes, then rinse and bathe with soap.

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