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Aurora D. 55°C Sonic Cleansing Massage Brush

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Aurora D.
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Perform sonic vibration up to 8000 times per second, remove dead skin and cleanse pore intensively.

Exclusive thermal mode can gently massage and boost absorption of skin care.

The unique finger shape can easily cover every angle on the face.

功效Benefits: 洁净 Cleansing


Step 1: Facial Clean

Moisture your face.

Apply cleanser on the brush head.

Turn on the device into “Vibration + Heat” mode.

Generate foam on your hand or face.

Move on you face to finish cleaning.

Step 2: T-zone Deeply Clean

Press “mode” button, enter “CVT” mode.

Move on T-zone area.

The device turn offautomatically after 5 minutes.

Wash your face and the device.

Step 3: Thermal Massage

Apply skin care product on your face.

Turn on the device into “Vibration + Heat” mode.

Use the back side to massage your face.

The device turn off automatically after 5 minutes.

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