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Astra Baby Momama Intelligent Bottle Warmer

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Astra Baby
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Safe & Stress-free | High quality yet affordable | Convenient with less fuss

**1 Year Supplier Warranty
**Warning!!! Warmer can not go into Steriliser / steam / boil **

- Portable, compact & easy to use
- Charge by Type-C cable
- 4 hours required to fully charge
- Automatic keep warm when reach temperature
- Less reheating with temperature control up to 6 hours
- Warm milk in just 8-10 minutes (depends on the volume of milk)
- 3 different temperature settings
- Compatible 80% of bottles in the market
- Food-grade Stainless Heating Plate
- Silicone cover
- Built in battery capacity 5000 mAh

1. Unplug the bottle and wait for it to cool.
2. Remove 0-ring and ensure charging point is closed.
3. Gently clean the stainless steel surface using damp cloth or sponge with mild soap. Rinse with water.
4. Wipe all surfaces with cloth and allow to air-dry.
5. Do not submerge unit in water.
6. Always replace o-ring.

Dimension in cm: 7 x 7 x 7 cm (Inner apx. 5.3cm)

Can fit with 80% of the WIDE NECK baby bottle brands:
1.) Philip Avent
3.) Richell
5.) Combi
6.) HiTo

7.) UPID
8.) SpeCtra
9.) DoubleHeart
10.) Snow Bear

11.) Nip
12.) Chicco
13.) Bebe Comfort
14.) Lansinoh
15.) Yo Yo Monkey
16.) Piyopiyo
18.) US Baby
19.) Tutu
21.) Autumz PP & PPSU Wide Neck (except PPSU 4oz)

Need extra adapter for Ultra Wide Neck/ Narrow Neck, brands as :
MM0003 - Tommee-Tippee Ultra Wide Neck Adapter
MM0004 - MAM/Pigeon Wide Neck/DoubleHeart/Lansinoh/Combi/CHU CHU/TuTu/Hito Wide Neck Adapter
MM0005 - Hegen Ultra Wide Neck Adapter
MM0006 - Narrow Neck : Pigeon Narrow Neck /Dr Brown/Medela/NUK/Simba Standard Neck/etc Slim Neck
MM0007 - NUK Ultra Wide Neck Adapter
MM0008 - Dr.Brown Wide Neck Adapter

*100% Original Product.
**Warning!!! Warmer can not go into Steriliser / steam / boil **

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