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Amez Care Feminine Intimate Gentle Antibacterial Wipes 10pcs/pack

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Feminine Care
Amez Care
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Amez Care Feminine Intimate Gentle Antibacterial Wipes 10pcs/pack
For all skin type
Especially for intimate

- Non-Alcohol

- Non-Paraben

- Non-Fragrance

- Eco-friendly

- Antimicrobial

- Hypoallergenic

- For Intimate area + Hand + Body



- Natural Botanical Extracts 天然植萃

- Clean & Refreshing 清爽洁净

- Breathable & Odor-free 远离异味和瘙痒

- Anti-Bacterial 抗菌

- Anti-Inflammatory 消炎

- Moisturizing & Hydrating 保湿水嫩

- Protects & Build up Skin Barrier 保护皮肤酸性保护膜

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