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Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea Classic 3 in 1 10 satches x 40gm

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Coffee & Tea
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*Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea Classic 3in1 x 1Box *10 Sachets/ Box *40gm/ Sachet *HACCP, GMP System & Jakim Halal

Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea Classic (Improved Version) - reduce sugar level & enhance on the taste for more tea & coffee fragrance.

Since 1964, Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea plays a role of Malaysian's collective memories, especially for those originated from Kuala Lumpur.

The founder Mr Tan Chik Kai started Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea, a then-rather-insignificant stall in Kuala Lumour. The stall has since grown from its original location Pasar Bukit Bintang (current location of Farenheit 88 & Lot 10), to Pasar Baru Bukit Bintang (Known as Imbi Pasar) and currently located in ICC Pudu and run by 2nd & 3rd generations of the family.

Hainan Tea is neither coffee nor milk tea, but a combination of both. The uniqueness is in its well-balanced recipe that emphasizes on the tea fragrance, with the great aftertaste.

Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea is a well-blended of the World's Best Black Tea, together with quality Arabica and Robusta Coffee Beans. Ah Weng Koh Hainan Tea has a rich yet smooth texture. From a sip, you will first taste a hearty coffee aroma, followed by the intense flavor of the silky milk tea. The perfect concoction will leave you with a distinctive aftertaste, promising a definate indulgence to your senses.

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