Herbal Master 药材师父

HERBAL MASTER is building Malaysians’ No1 e-Herbalshop. HERBAL MASTER's flagship products include herbal soup series and natural flower tea series. These therapeutic herbal recipes are developed by our R&D team, specially dedicated for busy city dwellers who are hustling for their family and career. The herbal ingredients sold in HERBAL MASTER e-Herbalshop have received strict examining process, ensuring they are free of preservatives, colouring and sulphur dioxides.

药材师父正在打造全马NO. 1的e-药材店。我们将复杂的药材知识浓缩在我们精心研制的药材汤及养生花茶,制成一盒盒富有滋补功效的养生茶汤。我们也将中华传统食材的食疗功效明列在我们的商品上,好让为生活、家庭忙碌的您能轻松买到适合自己和家人的养生食材。在药材师父的e-药材店里的养生食材都是经过严格挑选、不含有害人体的硫磺、人造色素和防腐剂的上等食材。
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